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Learn to Scuba Dive in Roatan

Learning to scuba dive is an incredible experience. But learning to scuba dive in one of the world’s most stunning underwater locations is the experience of a lifetime. At Infinity Divers Aqua Center, we offer professional SSI (Scuba Schools International) training so you can learn to scuba dive in Roatan, which will change your life.

Why Choose to Learn to Scuba Dive with SSI?

SSI is an internationally respected professional dive organization offering training from beginners through to professional divers. Infinity Divers is one of only a handful of dive shops in Roatan offering SSI training – most other shops train through PADI.

We prefer teaching the SSI method for its flexibility in catering a scuba diving course to the individual diver. We can make sure you effectively learn each skill by highlighting your style of learning, making you feel more comfortable and making you a better diver. We adhere to SSI standards very strictly to ensure the highest safety standards and impeccable teaching conditions.

Why Scuba Dive in Roatan?

Roatan enjoys unbelievable proximity to the world’s second-largest barrier reef system: the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. It begins around the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and wraps down around our own Bay Islands of Honduras.

The reef comes so close to our island of Roatan that we can enjoy easy shore dives straight from our world-famous West Bay Beach, where Infinity Divers is located. Night dives are especially easy for us, which would be a perfect opportunity for you to add to your new skill set after learning to scuba dive with us.

Learn to Scuba Dive in Roatan with Infinity Divers

Learning to scuba dive will change your life. We can guarantee that because we’ve all experienced it ourselves. Learning to dive opens up an entirely new world – even if you’re an avid snorkeler and swimmer. Seeing marine life and intricate coral reef up close as a diver is a unique experience unlike snorkeling.

And nothing can really prepare you for those first bubbles you will blow underwater. That’s what makes our jobs so much fun – watching new scuba divers take that first breath and look around at all the beauty that surrounds them.

At Infinity Divers in Roatan, we want you to appreciate the underwater world and to understand the importance of its conservation. That’s why we work closely with the Roatan Marine Park to protect this beautiful natural environment.

We teach scuba diving as a life skill, and as an investment in you as an individual. Learning to scuba dive opens up new possibilities for travel, for learning, for environmentalism, and even for social events!

Scuba divers are a well-connected international community, so you can rest assured that once you join this club, you’ll easily make new friends everywhere you go. Anywhere you decide to scuba dive after learning in Roatan, you’re guaranteed to find another diver who has also enjoyed these beautiful underwater views. If not, we can promise it’s on their bucket list!

Learning to scuba dive in Roatan should be next on your own bucket list…and we look forward to helping you check it off. Come join us in paradise – it will change your life.

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