Roatan Diving with Infinity Divers Aqua Center, West Bay Beach, Roatan

Passion for the ocean, determination and the wish to find the perfect paradise: these are the guidelines for the Infinity Divers Aqua Center owners. We have more than 20 years of experience running diving schools all over the world, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, from Europe to Africa.

Infinity Divers Aqua Center is located on the best beach in Central America at the stunning 5-star Infinity Bay Resort. This amazing location combines with our friendly staff to create the ideal dive shop in Roatan. Diving with us is the easiest scuba diving you can do – just walk out your front door and you’re already at our private dock or ready to swim to the nearby reef.

The Infinity Divers promise is to provide an exceptional upscale experience, offering you complimentary valet service, a picturesque beach palapa information center, and some of the best diving boats on the island. Exploring the Roatan barrier reef has never been so easy!





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