Roatan Diving

The diving in Roatan is breathtaking with numerous and varied dive sites to explore.

Roatan boasts the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world. Even though Roatan is ranked as one of the top three dive destinations in the Caribbean it has been slower to develop giving you the luxury of diving uncrowded sites. The majority of dive sites need to be accessed by boat with a few exceptions: Infinity Divers is one of them, because its house reef is just few steps from your room. As a diver in Roatan you will encounter marine life in all sizes and shapes including 70 types of hard corals and nearly 500 species of fish.


El Águila (The Eagle) is a 63m/210ft cargo boat that rests on a deep sand basin between two large coral outcroppings. The ship was intentionally scuttled in 1997 to make for a new premier dive site. While originally settling intact and upright in 30m/100ft of water, the fury of Hurricane Mitch severed the ship in three in 1998. The fish are extra friendly around the wreck. Two curious massive green moray eels have taken up residence on the wreck; it is quite common to see at least one of them free-swimming through the midsection. Huge black groupers, blue parrotfish and dog snappers trail dive groups down the wall and around the wreck.


A spectacular precipice borders a deep blue abyss, with pillar corals, Azure Vase Sponges and barrel sponges, while in the deeper water divers are likely to find themselves among schools of pelagic and Eagle Rays.


Famous for its perfect profile for snorkelers and divers, it is in fact a channel that starts from the inner part of the reef and flows out towards the coral ridge, starting at 10ft and then to 45ft at the top of the wall. Start on the wall, barrel sponges, interesting tiny coral heads cover the deep sandy slope that look like an army of strange mushrooms. LotS of swim throw, a lot of fun!


Two days after Full Moon, and for another 10 nights, Night Dives are an absolute MUST here in Roatan. Explain it if you will, but there is magic in the water every month, inspired by the Luna cycle. After every full moon a special phenomenon occurs we call “The Strings of Pearls”, well it’s actually Microscopic Pelagic Shrimps that leave trails of phosphorescence.


This is the famous Infinity Divers house reef. Magical formations of corals and sponges and sloping white sand give this place a dream-like quality like no other site on Roatan. Like the name says there is a Garden of Eels down at about 65ft. Huge white shallow sand patches make it ideal for students on their first dive and it’s perfect for snorkeling as the top of the wall is only 20ft.


The dive site at Roatan’s Shark Dive is quite different from sites found on similar shark encounters around the Caribbean. The sharks have not been ‘chummed’ away from their natural environment, they have always been at this dive site.
The sharks we dive with are all Caribbean Reef Sharks, all female, displaying a daytime schooling behavior known only to a few species of sharks. Typically about 6 to 8 feet long and several hundred pounds each, these are handsome, powerful fish – healthy hunters of the reef in natures system of checks and balances.