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Scuba Courses in Roatan

The island of Roatan is well known for its incredible dive conditions and beautiful fringing coral reef. Whatever level of certification you’re seeking, doing your scuba courses in Roatan offers an ideal place to learn. Enjoy warm water temperatures, extensive visibility, and diverse marine life as you improve your scuba skills on a beautiful Caribbean island.

Scuba Courses in Roatan

Start from nothing or work toward becoming a professional, there are a variety of scuba courses you can take in Roatan. For complete beginners, you can start with a Try Scuba Dive if you’re not too sure about doing a full course yet.

If you love it, you can utilize those skills you just learned and roll them into your certification course. Speaking of which, to get fully certified to dive anywhere in the world, you’ll want to do the Open Water course.

SSI Advanced Diving Courses

If you’re already certified to dive, it’s time to start honing your skills. You can opt for an Advanced Adventurer course to go through the five specializations of focus. This is a great overview of advanced training with one open water dive per specialty. If you decide to take a full course in any of the specialties you tried, the dive you took can be applied to your advanced certification.

SSI’s Advanced Open Water Diver rating stands alone in the industry with the highest combination of diving knowledge and experience. No other agency’s advanced diver level compares. To earn the certification for Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses and have done a total of 24 dives. This is a true advanced certification!

SSI Scuba Specializations and Beyond

The specialty courses you can take offer a variety of skillsets to hone. Deep diving, underwater photography, diver stress and rescue, Nitrox, perfect buoyancy, night/limited visibility, and wreck diving are all fantastic options to pursue.

Ready to become a dive pro? The SSI Divemaster course is your first step into the professional diving world. Become a divemaster to lead certified divers and move toward becoming a certified instructor. Our divemaster internship is a fantastic experience – both professionally and personally!

Why Dive in Roatan

So now you know your scuba course options…but why choose to do them here in Roatan? That’s easy. Let’s break it down for you:

Do your scuba courses in Roatan for the weather. We’re in the Caribbean so our climate is tropical and our water temperatures stay warm year-round. Learning to dive or working to perfect your skills is best done in a comfortable environment. For much of the year here, you don’t even need a wetsuit!

Do your scuba courses here for the surface intervals. They’re mandatory, so you might as well make them amazing! Lounge by the pool at Infinity Bay or stay in the sand just steps from your room. Enjoy delicious food at our Palapa restaurant and cheers to another beautiful day of diving while enjoying a stunning sunset each evening.

Do your scuba courses in Roatan for the incredible conditions. We have very limited currents, our surface is often like glass, the visibility is extraordinary, and the diversity of marine life and coral topography is mesmerizing. We’re sure you’ll master all your skills easily in the comfort and convenience of Roatan diving.

Come join us in paradise. We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

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