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The best season to go to Roatan

If you have decide to visit Honduras departing from Roatan Island but you don’t know which season of the year to choose, in this article we’ll try to give you some advises that will be very useful for the destination of your choice.

As the first thing you need to take into consideration certain factors which characterize this geographical location, starting from the climate.

The major climate of this State is the tropical one: that in other words means that Honduras has alternating season, one dry season and another very rainy, with storms that can reach higher peaks of speed.

If you are wondering when to go, you should first of all know that on this island the rainy season is from September to February, so we recommend you plan your trip, from February to August, where the season is dry and the precipitation much less frequent.

For snorkeling lovers and inmersions, Roatan it’s a paradise the whole year thanks to the sea temperatures that are always around 28-30 degrees and it is recommended a 3mm shorty wetsuit.

Another consideration, as a further highlight, is the geographical uniqueness of the area. So, it depends in which part of Roatan you are located, for example, in the lowland the weather is hot throughout the year, while in mountainous areas the climate is often milder. The north of the island is exposed to both a wind (the Elysium, to be exact), which makes it a special destination for all those who love a more temperate climate than tropical rains, which tend to occur more frequently during the months of late spring and early summer.

The climatic differences between the north and the south of the island are also highlighted by the characteristic vegetation of the island: in the North of Roatan the predominant vegetation type is the tropical rainforest, which developed after heavy rainfall while in the south the presence of dry air has allowed the development of the typical equatorial savannah. The average temperature is around 30 degrees.

To go to Honduras you don’t need to do anything apart from booking your plane ticket and have a good trip!

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