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Roatan Dive Sites

Roatan is surrounded by some of the most stunning coral reef in the entire world. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef extends from around the Yucatan Peninsula down to the Bay Islands of Honduras. Our location at Infinity Bay on West Bay Beach grants us the ideal situation, with the fringing reef only a few yards off shore. Because of this, we are spoiled for choice with Roatan dive sites!

We have countless favorite dive sites in Roatan, but here are a few that you might get to explore during a dive trip to Roatan.

Mandy’s Eel Garden

Considered to be Infinity Divers’ House Reef, Mandy’s Eel Garden is an ever-popular dive site in Roatan. This site is great for new divers to explore some shallow, yet intricate, coral formations. It also offers the unique opportunity to explore – you guessed it – an eel garden!

While new divers might not think a big sand patch is thrilling at first, look closely and you’ll find some of the most intriguing little critters. We love taking newer divers to Mandy’s so they can fine-tune their ability to spot the macro stuff.

Texas and Pablo’s Place

These two sites along the western point of Roatan are a fun area to do a rare drift dive. That is, a dive that actually has a bit of current so you should drift. Although many times we start at one dive site and get picked up at another, that’s not necessarily because there is a massive current. Roatan certainly isn’t known for having rough currents!

But Texas and Pablo’s Place offer that chance to truly drift, and as you do, keep your eyes peeled for some big guys. We regularly spot eagle rays and large schools of fish taking advantage of the converging currents. Sometimes we’re graced by the presence of a hammerhead! Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy the ride.

Seaquest (Shallow and Deep)

Seaquest is a fantastic area between West Bay and West End where you’re bound to see some great marine life. Seaquest Shallow is a favorite for our student divers to really get comfortable underwater and to explore.

Seaquest Deep offers the chance for schools of fish to come through, plus the occasional ray, sea turtle, or moray eel. Both sites are eclectic and colorful, making them favorites for divers of all levels. We can cover both areas with our more experienced divers.

El Aguila (The Eagle)

El Aguila is a fascinating wreck dive adjacent to beautiful coral growth along the wall for your ascent. The 63m/210ft cargo boat was intentionally scuttled in 1997, and then severed into three pieces by Hurricane Mitch. Massive green moray eels and groupers are regular residents around here, plus a few more inquisitive local fish who often join us as we look around. This is a fantastic wreck dive just a few minutes from Infinity Divers.

Blue Channel

Another favorite site not far from our shore is the stunning Blue Channel. Starting at only 10ft, this channel offers snorkelers and divers alike the extraordinary opportunity to be up close and personal with our marine life friends.

Look into the large barrel sponges to spot smaller critters and venture in and out of the swim throughs to marvel at the intricate coral growth. Sea turtles regularly join us here, along with plenty of friendly parrotfish chomping on coral.

Come explore these Roatan dive sites and more with Infinity Divers. We love to share our beautiful home with visitors, and nothing makes us happier than seeing appreciation and awe underwater.

Whether you’re brand new to scuba or you have thousands of dives under your belt, Roatan offers such a wide array of dive sites that we’re sure you’ll be impressed. Book with us today so you don’t miss out!

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